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International Order of the

B'nai B'rith Girls

The BBG sisterhood is BBYO’s sorority and where generations of young Jews have developed their leadership skills, strengthened their Jewish identity, and formed lasting friendships within supportive communities. BBGs plan, lead, and enjoy social, athletic, community service and Judaic programming in their own chapter, with other BBGs, or with AZA chapters. Among their peers, friends, and with big sisters, BBGs have fun, embrace tradition, and build themselves as Jewish community members and leaders.

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The Bay Area: home of BBG

The first permanent chapter of BBG was organized in 1927 in San Francisco, California, by Rose Mauser, with Mattie Olcovich and Essie Solomon as the first advisors. This chapter became known as San Francisco BBG #1. The National Order of BBG met in Chicago on April 22, 1944, and officially established BBYO as an international organization.

BBG has evolved since then, now serving over 12 thousand BBGs in 700 chapters across the world. The rituals and traditions of BBG have stood the test of time, and BBGs will "pledge to BBG" for generations to come.

The Menorah Pledge Principles of BBG


We pledge our devotion to our beloved country whose blessing we shall never take for granted. We shall guard zealously our democratic rights and shall fulfill our duties as citizens.

Inter-faith Relations

We represent one of the faiths that make up the diverse patterns of the religious world. We shall learn to understand and respect our neighbor. We shall so live as individuals and groups that we may reflect credit upon the Jewish people.

Community Service

We recognize our responsibility to render selfless service as citizens of the community in which we live.

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Good Sisterhood

We make possible the warmth and joy of good sisterhood through our association in Chapters. We shall respect the rights of each member. We shall make our Chapter a true example of democratic living so that companionship and friendship may endure.

Jewish Heritage

We have a magnificent Jewish heritage, which has enriched the civilization of every land. We shall aim to become imbued with an understanding and a love of our Jewish culture so that we may be a conscious part of the people from whom we stem. We shall always strive to live up to the ideals, which are the essence of Jewish religious faith.


We shall always be concerned with the underprivileged and the distressed. We shall offer our help to those in need, recognizing that the ability to help others is a blessing and a responsibility.

Prayer for World Jewry

Lighting the candles is a privilege we engage in that displays the freedom we, as B’nai B’rith Girls, and as Jews are able to exhibit. However, there are Jews in our world who are not allowed to observe Judaism freely. Oppressed Jewry is a major concern in our society. The light that is burning so brightly is the light of hope. We hope that one day all oppressed Jews will be able to practice Judaism as freely as we are doing here today.


We shall try to exemplify in our home the finest of Jewish family traditions.

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